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Taking My Own Advice

I am always encouraging others to simplify their lives. Do the things that matter. Scratch the rest. It's not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes it's hard to let go. Perhaps you've made commitments to others. Or to yourself. But things change. … [Read more]

The Editorial Calendar: A Cure for Social Media Stress

Several weeks ago, I was (once again) debating the pros and cons of being on social media. Obvious pros: spread message, promote business. Obvious cons: procrastination tool, more screen time. I felt like I was spending too much time on social media … [Read more]

Why Blogging Is So Awesome

I started blogging in the fall of 2004 after a friend from college suggested I try it out. (He also invited me to Gmail when it was by invitation only. I love having geeky friends.) Here are my first couple of (very inspired) posts: Yes — I … [Read more]

Five Time Management Tips for Creativity

This morning, I gave a presentation called "A relaxed mind is a creative mind" at the beautiful Hotel Winneshiek in Decorah, IA. It was the last presentation of a series of presentations related to digital marketing. I applaud the Winneshiek County … [Read more]

Two Months Later: On Overcommitting

It is two months and one day since I started my job as "Manager of Web Content" at Luther College. How time flies! During this time, I have (sort of) adjusted to full-time job life, and realized that I am doing way too many things. All these … [Read more]

News Flash: I Have a New Job!

When I moved to a small town in the Northeast corner of Iowa to allow my husband to follow his dream of teaching at a liberal arts college, I thought my career was over. And I was OK with that. I had worked hard for nine years at a software … [Read more]

The Impact Equation – A Review

Way back when, I received an advance copy of Chris Brogan and Julien Smith's latest book The Impact Equation. I put it in my to-read pile on one of my bookshelves. And there it remained. I never got to my pile, because I'm taking a class at Luther … [Read more]

Copyblogger Tips for Better Writing

I have a few go-to sites, where I learn new things on a daily and weekly basis. One of those is Copyblogger. Always good. Always useful. Always a delight to read. Copyblogger just released their "10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer" in a … [Read more]

To Blog or Not To Blog

Greetings. This is my first blog post here on tabitagreen.com. I wasn't quite sure if I would have a blog here or not. Reason being - I already have a blog called Simply Enough and write for other blogs. The thing is, I have content I want to … [Read more]