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Two Months Later: On Overcommitting

It is two months and one day since I started my job as “Manager of Web Content” at Luther College. How time flies!

During this time, I have (sort of) adjusted to full-time job life, and realized that I am doing way too many things.

All these things are keeping me away from writing — one of my favorite things.

Not. Good.

So I’ve made a decision. I’m going to create a list of all the things I do, force rank these things in order of importance (my definition, thank you very much), and chop the bottom half (or close to it). It’s going to be painful, and it won’t happen overnight. I’m giving myself until the summer to get it done.

NOTE: This doesn’t not include basic life necessities like eating, sleeping, exercising, basic personal care, and — of course — my job. It’s more related to commitments I’ve made to others, the community, my church, etc.

The List

  1. Swedish Class (I’m the teacher)
  2. Luther College Gospel Choir
  3. Health Coaching Program (Still lovin’ it!)
  4. Decorah Holistic Health Practitioners website
  5. Decorah Blue Zones Engagement Committee
  6. Church Website + Social Media
  7. Youth Committee
  8. Decorah Wellness Events Organizer
  9. Decorah Schools Wellness Committee
  10. Church Choir
  11. Internet Marketing Consulting

Commitments 8, 10 & 11 can be chopped immediately. Number 9 can happen in June. I’ll probably have to wait on a few of the committees until my commitments run their course. It will be OK.

My main strategy right now is to say no to anything new that comes up. No to new ideas in my head that will result in me creating yet another website (whew). No to requests to help with various community projects (sadly). No to people who want to pay me to help them become more visible on the web (dumb?).

I’m a big fan of focus. Focus gives great results. And that’s what I want. Great results. A healthier community. A healthier me. And more time to write!


  1. I love it.

    Except the “No to people who want to pay me to help them become more visible on the web” part. I was just about to hit you up for some consulting… :)


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